Saturday, June 15, 2013

Celebrating Seuss with a Dress

Oh my gosh I actually made something. Still trying to wade through the waters of my odd life but at least now I have time to do something that truly makes me feel good about everything - sewing.

This is the same Very Easy Vogue pattern I used back in like... 2011? But I changed the skirt completely, making it 3/4 circle instead of a gathered square. I put pockets in it, yay!

Please excuse my dodgy photos, but Melbourne has been bucketing for the last week or so almost ceaselessly :(


  1. WOW, this is so awesome! Love it, and you're right to be happy with it!

  2. Shuper cute!!!!!
    Hey, with your gathered retangle skirts, do you cut the whole thing (back and front) the same length? Do you find your skirt hangs lower at the back...? Or is it just me? I'm about to do some hemming tonight!

  3. Omg I totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amy (