Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meowy Christmas

So y'all probably thought I was killed in a horrific mutant penguin massacre led by Queen Crump of Crumpets or something something, but in fact, I am alive and thriving! I can't even really say I've been busy. Most of my life was taken up by that Christmas thing, making gifts for family members etc, but now I can show you the dress I made for this year's festivities!

It is no secret I love cats, and figured I might as well hug destiny around the waist and embrace grey hair and more felines than I can feed on a pension, and this fabric was my ticket to floral easy chairs and episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful. And Golden Girls. Ah...

What is this nonsensical mumbo jumbo I am speaking?! I have no idea. Comes with the old age I guess.