Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Like Aeroplane Jelly

This statement is true. Although I prefer it when it's mixed with 1/3 vodka.

Hurrah! I love making up new patterns, although this one's been out for a couple of months, still relatively new in the Vintage Vogue line. Vogue 8789 is a gem, by far the easiest Vogue pattern I've ever dealt with. But I did make a few modifications.

I was excited to make the v-neck (which is incredibly simple with this pattern) and anticipated a giant circle skirt from this delightful fabric, however when I was cutting out the pieces I realised to my dismay that the skirt was yet another gathered rectangle! This simply will not do!

So I have added my own circle skirt, put the zipper in the back rather than in the side, and I pretty much didn't follow the instructions half the time.

I did my zip a bit differently and it looks a lot nicer than the ones I usually do. With enough practice I'm sure I'll perfect it eventually.

The fabric was hidden away on Spotlight's clearance table at $4 a meter. Having never seen it before I'm assuming it was something randomly found in a big clear out of the dispatch area or something. I grabbed 4 meters and was surprised to see the next day the whole roll was gone. It really was too cute to pass up and I'm so glad I got it when I did!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meowy Christmas

So y'all probably thought I was killed in a horrific mutant penguin massacre led by Queen Crump of Crumpets or something something, but in fact, I am alive and thriving! I can't even really say I've been busy. Most of my life was taken up by that Christmas thing, making gifts for family members etc, but now I can show you the dress I made for this year's festivities!

It is no secret I love cats, and figured I might as well hug destiny around the waist and embrace grey hair and more felines than I can feed on a pension, and this fabric was my ticket to floral easy chairs and episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful. And Golden Girls. Ah...

What is this nonsensical mumbo jumbo I am speaking?! I have no idea. Comes with the old age I guess.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Smooth as Silk

Yeah, silk ain't that smooth. Dunno why people always say as such. It's also rather annoying to sew with! Ah well! Welcoming back Butterick 5708, but this time for myself. It was previously made up for Nitty in Delustered Satin.

Nitty's fantastic photo skills made this wreath look like one epic hairdo
I went to a masquerade gala ball thing, and seeing as my glasses are about as big as my head, figured it'd be better to paint something onto my face than bother to construct something. I was commended by an Italian lady there who told me (in Italian, requiring translation) that that's what all the young people have started doing in Venice, hehe.

So yes, Silk Dupion in a fresh lime and blue transitional colour shift. The fabric cost me around $100 alone. I semi-successfully put in an invisible zip, but honestly I was over making it by this point. It had been sitting on my mannequin waiting to be finished for about three weeks, not to mention having been cut out and ready to go for about two months prior.

I'm quite happy with it. When asked why I would bother making a dress such as this I told them to expect to see it on the red carpet at the Oscars one day, to which they gave me an applause. Thank you, thank you. You are all too kind.

Also on Burda Style I referred to something when I titled this 'Mean Green Dress from Outer Space'. For all of you who did not receive my +5 cool points in my book of cool...