Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spotty Grey Skirt

Hurrah! Something for myself! Finally! It really has been too long (dinosaur dress was totally the last thing I made for me).

About two months ago a lady came in to work and asked me about rock n roll skirts, figuring that judging by my appearance I would have expertise in this area. Lol.

She needed monotone fabric, preferably something that'd slot in nicely with the other ladies' outfits in her dance class, so I suggested spots as opposed to the various bolts of fabric she had in her hands. I pulled out some grey taffeta with black spots from the clearance table, and she fell in love. I cut her 3 meters and fantasized about making myself a skirt from the same fabric, but to my dismay when I rolled out what was left, there was just over 1 meter left. Poo.

Following this, my manager had put out some new taffeta, and lo and behold there was a grey with black spots! But instead of screened on, the spots were fuzzy! It was only $5.99 per meter more expensive than the other one, but seeing as I'd need a bit of it decided to pounce as soon as it went on special.

Weeks and weeks went by and no sign of a sale on the taffeta, but thankfully we had a big 30% off all fabric sale and I snatched it up.

When I got home and gleefully showed my mother my new purchases, she was less than impressed, pointing at the giant mountains of fabric in the back room, taking up the entire dining table, chairs, and spilling out of boxes galore. I looked at my payslip and realised since July I'd made roughly $6.5k from working weekends, and I honestly have not much idea where that has all gone. I'm assuming to my monstrous credit card and of course my fabric crack habit. I've promised myself to not buy any more fabric until I have used up the majority of fabrics I already have. This will be interesting...

Anyway, here's my skirt!

Sans petticoat

Oh, Natalie, always the performer

Can you see the fuzzy?!