Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Oh, how happy I was to finally finish this dress. This has been WEEKS in the making and has gotten me down many times but here it is!

Vogue 2902, oh how I have hated on you. You turn out good, man, but still. You're a mongrel to put together. If I ever make this pattern again I will completely ditch the handsewing and just zoom it up on the machine.

I mean would it be completely obvious if I had machine stitched along the bottom of the band?

Shoesies! It's rare to not see me donning a pair of Melissa shoes.

They see me twirlin', they hatin'

So there you have it. Epic amounts of frustration makes it all somewhat worthwhile as I thoroughly enjoy this dress. I think I'll wear it to my uni's Planetarium film screening excursion.

Also (almost) all my new patterns have arrived in the mail! Mwahaha!!


  1. This dress is absolutely amazing, I love the fullness, the way it falls the fabric. Have you a petticoat undermneath? Sorry about any probs you endured but this dress is da bomb!!!

  2. Love it! You did a great job! The top straps are super-difficult to sew. They almost did me in, as well.

  3. An entirely appropriate destination for a planet-arily inclined dress. It turned out great! The neckline looks fab on you and I just lurve the twirling skirt. Very nice :)

  4. This turned out great! what an amazingly fun dress. Sometimes the hardest and most frustrating things turn out the best! I ihave those melissas in teal hehe

  5. Way cute! This fits you beautifully!

  6. Beautifull dress!

    Can you please tell me how many yards of fabric you have used for this dress and what size you made?