Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dino Dress

Okay before you read the rest of this, press play on this:

And here is the finished dinosaur dress. I posted a picture of the work in progress last week on Facebook and it was rather well received.

Very simple dress, indeed. I used the bodice of Simplicity 4070, but made a few more changes.

Remember my candy hearts dress? I used the same bodice pattern but didn't do a cut out.

The first change I made was to make the back and neckline quite low. Then instead of an A-line skirt I cut out a 3/4 skirt for extra twirling goodness.

And that's kind of all I have to say about it. I made the bias tape myself (as for some reason it's hard to find orange bias tape...?) and I have on hold enough of this fabric in the blue colour-way to make a doona cover for my bed. Where I come from, we call it a 'doona' but you may know it as a 'duvet' or quilt!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Oh, how happy I was to finally finish this dress. This has been WEEKS in the making and has gotten me down many times but here it is!

Vogue 2902, oh how I have hated on you. You turn out good, man, but still. You're a mongrel to put together. If I ever make this pattern again I will completely ditch the handsewing and just zoom it up on the machine.

I mean would it be completely obvious if I had machine stitched along the bottom of the band?

Shoesies! It's rare to not see me donning a pair of Melissa shoes.

They see me twirlin', they hatin'

So there you have it. Epic amounts of frustration makes it all somewhat worthwhile as I thoroughly enjoy this dress. I think I'll wear it to my uni's Planetarium film screening excursion.

Also (almost) all my new patterns have arrived in the mail! Mwahaha!!