Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vogue vs Suicide

Old school readers of my blog might remember "THE FRUSTRATION DRESS"

Vogue Patterns delivers me a new head churner, which has lead to all up about half an hour of tears.

In my last post I added a picture of one of my WIPs, a Vintage Vogue 2902, in an amazing planet print. I've been working on this for days now, to get virtually nowhere. Though this dress LOOKS like it should be fairly straight forward, the shoulder straps/bodice band WILL give you the time of your life, and not the Jennifer Grey leaping into the arms of Patrick Swayze kind, either.

Oh Vogue, why must your patterns be so awful to me? I adore the outcome but GOLLY GEE WIZZ PEOPLE.

First, I attempted the straps from black velveteen. This was going to look gorgeous against the planetary print, but when sewing I noticed that the parts that I'd ironed had SHRUNK! This has never happened to me with velveteen before, and I was quite distressed. I opted for good ol' cotton drill.

Second time around I realised that one of the straps had been cut short because there was not enough fabric in my hurried folding of a piece of scrap. Again, pretty devastated.

Round 3, and it was looking like a complete mess. I accidentally sewed the pieces wrong and the back band was upside down. I unpicked all my hand stitching and did it again. Then the band was going to be too small for the bodice. I kind of made do. And the bodice is kind of  too small for me and when I tried it on I got stuck. Like, actually legitimately stuck.

I shall keep going. It's very tempting to ignore the way the pattern tells you to do the zipper, open the bodice up completely and do a normal side zip. Le sigh.

So I'm pretty discouraged by all this, I mean, it got me listening to Nick Cave's most melancholy hits.

In other news! I'm very sorry I haven't been posting very much lately (I lost one follower! :( Boo!!) I shall hopefully have more to post soon.

Also how d'ya like my new logo!? It's part of a piece of homework, which I'll be able to upload once it's finished/due (week and a half, yikes!!)