Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tonight She Comes

For years I have watched this music video. I love The Cars, they're definitely in my top 25 bands/musicians. This is also one of my all time favourite songs, with my all time favourite guitar solo, and some really smokin' dresses!

I bought 3 meters of this white with black spot stretch cotton with the intentions to make a dress that pays homage to one of the greatest music videos my eyeballs have seen. Perhaps I'm just biased.

Love love love love.

So with the help of Butterick 4512, I have made a version that's perhaps a little more 'me'.

My grandma's vintage driving gloves!

Do y'all like my Tarina Tarantino earrings?! I paid $140 for them and I HAVE NO REGRETS. I wanted a pair since I was 16 so I bought them from their store in LA :3

Tomorrow I shall be posting about the dress Natalie and I are making for a formal she's been invited to! Keep your eyeballs peeled like an orange ;D


  1. That dress is HOT! U look fantastic in it!!!!!

  2. I love this! I nver seem to enjoy halter top dresses but this is just perfect
    I have a question though, WHAT DOES THE BACK LOOK LIKE?
    and also

    1. The problem with the back for me is it's reeeaaally low. I originally put off finishing this dress, because my back was so full of rolls I felt like I could open my own bakery. Thankfully when I went to New York I did so much walking I lost 2kilos, and upon my return tried the dress on and it fits a little better. Now that I have my car back I assume that weight loss thing ain't gonna last long :( lol

      Haha, they are nice gloves hey! She used to wear them when driving her little blue MG convertible! My grandma was such an amazing woman! :D

    2. Imagine that! a little portable bakery. dream come true!

  3. those shoes! what brand are they

  4. We should remake the video. I'll be Ric Ocasek.