Friday, August 3, 2012

For My Princess

Hurrah! Nitty is currently back to being 17 years old, attending the formal of one of her young friends. And she looks stunning, if I do say so myself. Seeing as I pretty much made her dress... hehe!

On Monday afternoon, my phone rang, and I answered to a very hysterical Nitty sobbing "we have an emergency!". My first thought was guess we're going to the doctors again, until she interrupted my thoughts with "the formal is this Friday!" Oh crap.

She had spent the last week and a bit trying to figure out what she was to wear on the night, a night she for some reason thought was a lot later on in the month. With three solid days to go, we had no real choice but to make a dress.

She had wanted black Delustered Satin, but my work was out of it. I suggested the dark blue, and won her over with 'it'll look like the night sky!' And so it was done. And four bags of Swarovski crystals purchased from another one of our favourite sewing supply stores.

Thankfully she had picked a pattern (Butterick 5708) that I already had as a print at home version, and had also purchased a proper copy (as it's absolutely gorgeous). I cut out her tiny size and got to work. I usually sew late into the night, but not usually under pressure. I snapped a few times and there were tears, cigarettes, vodka, growling, cursing, and chair throwing... yeah I'm not the most constructive individual when I'm stressed. By the second 2am morning I was so over it I laid in bed and stared at the glow stars on my ceiling for an hour or so.

In the end it was all definitely worth it. It was a joint effort; I cut out the most of it, sewed the bodice as it was a bit too tricky for Nitty, and hand stitched the blind hem and lining to the zipper. Nitty's favourite part was the crystals, of course. And making her matching bow.

The time pressure would not have been so bad if Nitty hadn't have wanted to test the pattern before cutting into the satin. I made her up a toille out of a cute pastel fabric from my never ending stash.

Ze unfinished toille
I dyed and curled her hair while she did her makeup. I also fended all four barking dogs off her young date. She had to go before I could iron the hem... which annoyed me greatly. She wasn't too fussed but oh! Looking at it was torturous when you know what it could look like.

Doesn't she look superb! Belle of deh berl.
I hope she's having fun making all the little seventeen year old girls all jelly beans!