Monday, July 30, 2012

Flirty Skirt

After whipping this beauty up in a matter of hours I took to the streets of Fitzroy as princess a la mode. Or something. At least that's what I felt like!

It's been a while since I wore a petticoat, but I'm so glad I did. Look at that poof! Look at it! I was also glad to have worn one as when I stepped off the tram the wind decided it wanted to see my undies, and up went my skirt. My dignity was saved by the petticoat. One of the best reasons for wearing one!

I was originally supposed to buy shoes and a jumper, but instead walked away with a layby receipt for two 1970s plastic tub chairs. Oops. While in the store though, the shop keeper was very taken by my outfit, and asked where I'd acquired such beautiful pieces from. When I said I made them she insisted I start my own line and sell pieces at her store! I told her that I was accepted into the NEIS program a few years ago but went to university instead. Her reaction to my skirt though was enough to make me consider the possibility of starting a line again.

Sans Petticoat
I had a brand name but I'm pretty sure it doesn't suit anymore, especially considering the amount of men who have asked if I would make them a western style shirt. So what do you think, guys? Should I just use my name (Natalie Michelle Watson), or should I use Laika Doll? I figure if I do menswear, using my name shouldn't matter so much *cough* look at Vivienne Westwood *cough*. Opinions please!

And of course, the jumper is the one I made a little while ago.

Je suis un dinosaur
I am currently on my hands and knees putting together a print-at-home pattern as my best friend realised she has an important event she's attending on Friday night and needs me to help her out with a dress. I have three days to make it. Challenge accepted! (Anything for her!) She also took the photos for this post today.

While I'm talking about my beautiful best friend I must also mentioned she's started her own blog now! She doesn't really have anything on it, but here's the link:

Sugar Doll

She's also on BurdaStyle now, under the same name (sugardoll). So now even our usernames are similar! For anyone that has never heard our story, our names are both Natalie Michelle!

She also stars in this little film I made...