Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Big Post

Bonjour! Here is a post somewhat continuing on from where I left off, and some new bits and bobs.

First of all I wanted to show you what I had a hand in before I left! My first real stint at making things for screen! Yes, it was a short film that was not mine and therefore I count this as 'professional' work ;)

This is a bed head and cushion I made (well, Nitty has to take some credit for the cushion as I was having a melt down on my hands and knees waving my electric staple gun everywhere all over that bed head and cursing everything good and holy).

And here's what it looked like all put together! The whole room was build from scratch. I made the sheets, bed head, cushions, curtains, and upholstered the chairs. I'm way too excited to see the actual film when it's all done. And I hope it's okay for me to be posting this image! Tee hee

Here are some I took on my phone while we were still setting it all up:

Now, unrelated to sewing I have been building my own little set up. Following my purchase of a Canon 5D I have acquired Manfrotto tripod with fluid head and a dolly, and next week shall be picking up a few more things when my delicious student bonus from Centrelink comes in.

Today I realised that Butterick had released more retro patterns! Hnnrrrr like I need to be spending any more money. But I did. I bought these two online:

It'd be interesting to see if I could somehow turn the second one into a coat version. I need more coats. New York didn't have any coats due to it being summer, so I found and bought this one off eBay.

As much as I would have liked to make one myself, by the time I get around to making a coat winter will be over. Besides! This one is hella pretty ;D

Now, all my lovely phone photos from NYC that I tried to upload from Central Park didn't work, so I'll post them again.

These are the fabrics that I bought!

I was so excited about the space fabric especially, but when I went to work I discovered we'd just got it in! So not as special anymore :( but I still love it and it was still a lot cheaper than if I got it from work! LOOK at the cats. Look at them. Oh my God. Kitties scared in a movie theatre. What is more fitting for me?! So those will be dresses, and the last shall be a skirt :)

My new Prada sunglasses! $350 (ouch) but I knew I'd hate myself if I walked away without them. Now I need to find out if I can have prescription lenses put in them, and if not, I need to invest in some sweet contacts. I'm not sure what is so sweet about contacts. Last time I had them they made one of my eyes all pink and crusty...

And on a completely unrelated note, this is a legitimate brand of bread! I couldn't stop laughing!

Now I'm in the process of making Butterick 6582 in the pink elephants print I posted ages ago. Hopefully I'll have that finished in the next couple of days. At the moment I'm cutting it out, which has taken all day because I hate cutting out fabric! It's one of my least favourite things about sewing!

Anyway, I'm happy to be posting again :) x