Friday, June 1, 2012

The Bunting Blouse!

Hurrah for the Sencha! I have had this pattern for so long and I was worried to touch it (I'm not quite sure why exactly, but hey!) and I'm trying to steer myself away from dresses at least a little bit and get into the groove with some cute separates for coordinating.

I found this bunting cotton from the Circus Day collection by David Textiles or something, and knew it was time to give it a swing.

I chose cute little spotty buttons for the back, and decided to make a skirt out of a matching fabric.

I also spent 1.5 hours making this cutesy bow from scraps.

Unfortunately I had to rush off to hand my in uni work this morning and did not get to take any pictures of my finished outfit. So here we have some lovely bedroom/mirror pictures instead! Yay!

I am working on a big post, as I know I have been away from the sewing world thanks to uni, but that will all change now because I have holidays until August!