Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be Mine, Dress?

Candy hearts dress!
Made from Simplicity 4070, view A bodice with E skirt, however I have of course modded the pattern quite a bit.

Modifications include: the heart cut out, lowered back neckline, taken in on the shoulders, and the skirt shortened by about 5+ inches.

I also used bias tape instead of lining the dress.

This in total cost me about $35ish to make, so, bargain!

I wore it for a photo shoot today for my friend's uni assignment, and I shall put some up when I get them c;

Pretty darn happy with the result, could have made the keyhole a bit smaller (friend's lecturer referred to it as a "display cabinet" during the shoot!) and the back lower, but seeing as I kicked it from my head I think it turned out nicely.

The pattern itself is rather boring without modding so this is a good one for practicing the keyholes with!