Friday, April 20, 2012

Farmyard Dress

Woah, Blogspot! Your new layout is doing my noggin in!

Anyhoo, here is the second installment of the outfits used in my short film. There are another two outfits coming.  The film has been shot and I'm in the process of editing it :)

New Look 6799. The first time I used this was my first ever attempt at sewing with a pattern. I had no idea about sizes. I had to cut myself out of the dress. So this is attempt two! And I must say, I do like the result (though it's a little dodgy due to the sheer speed at which I've had to make these outfits) but I think given a little more time it would have turned out better. As long as it looks good on screen who cares!!

Also thanks to Nitty who helped me with the sewing of this dress. I did not have enough time to do everything by myself, thankfully I have awesome friends c:

Also I bought a Canon 5D Mk II!