Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Oh, time is just rushing by me like God knows what, every hour of my life for the next week or so is carefully planned to schedule. I am lethargic and worn, but I have had some spare moments to throw together two little dresses for Easter!

Now, you're probably thinking "two?! Why on earth would she want to make TWO dresses for the one day?!" Well, I'd like to introduce you to my tiny friend Ashlan! She is my favourite 3 year old and is also the daughter of my special friends Lucy and Eamonn.

We took baskets around church today piled high with strawberry and caramel creme eggs to give to people. Ashlan had to come to terms with the idea of giving the eggs away, as she initially thought they were all for her!!

Anyhoo, the pattern I used for Ashlan's dress was Simplicity 2989, and I only used the bodice of a pattern for mine, Simplicity 4070. The top band was just kicked from my head, and the skirt was just a gathered rectangle that I usually do for things where I only have a meter or so.

(Pro tip, buy 1m of fabric, cut in half, attach to sides, find the middle of the 'back' and slice this open, gather, add waistband of other fabric [or buy 1.2m of shell], zip, and hey presto!)

The fabric used is quilting cotton (bunnies), printed poplin (spotty blue), and yellow broadcloth. I also made the belt for this dress. Pity I couldn't find the exact yellow coloured elastic! Meh!

I was actually beginning to fall over in this shot

So voila! Now I disappear back into my cave to keep making the sets and costumes for my next film, and continue the filming of another. Bleh!

Mah Make-up

Mah mutha with bonus tan-line that I've had since January
Oh and I finished my fantabulous website! It was for uni, but I'm really proud of it. We had to make a website to show off our stuff and this is what I came up with!
Clicky clicky!!