Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The "Oink" Dress!

I have finished the first piece of costume design for my upcoming short film. It is about a couple post-breakup, and how the other handles the situation. Our protagonist is dumped by her boyfriend as he cannot handle her quirky fashion sense. Said fashion sense is encapsulated in this first dress; she wears nothing but garments that contain farm animals.

So here is the Oink dress! I haven't figured out which scenes this will appear in, but I need to make another two dresses and a set of pyjamas.

Yeah I'm not sure what this stance is either
The pattern for the bodice is Burda 7494 sans collar, and the skirt is a box pleated rectangle. I think it came out pretty dandy, myself! Hurrah! But I did have some issues with gaping around the neckline? Anyone else experienced this?!