Friday, February 24, 2012

The Girliest Things I've Ever Made

So here is a top and a skirt I pretty much just finished. If you took a picture back in time maybe three years and said to me "you're going to be wearing this willingly, and you made it yourself" I would laugh in your face and tell you you're tripping.

The skirt was a 1 meter piece I bought from my place of work, which I cut in half and then added the waistband. I pleated the whole darn thing across the top instead of gathering, which makes it sit so much more pleasantly.

The top is of course, my fourth Sorbetto. I messed up something with the pleat (it's smaller than it should be) but eh, I added lace on the edges to make it look a bit more normal and to make the darn thing lie flat; this cotton sateen did not want to stay down!

Pearls? Lace? Pink? Yep, I've officially gone cuckoo.

I had to do SOMETHING to make me feel less girly
Taking photos outside was not fun today, it feels like I'm in the center of a bushfire. Australian summer rages like a lady on menopause.

My shoes... I went through a lot of trouble for these shoes! And my usual size was too big so I opted for the smaller size, which is a little too small. Que cera!! But yay, yellow shoesies <3