Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black Ceylon

The moment I found out I would soon become a Spotlight employee I hurriedly purchased the fabric to make a black Ceylon. That was maybe 6 weeks ago.

When it comes to black, nothing thrills me less, really. I'm usually so enrapt in my project because of quirky fabrics or a super cute exciting design. I do love the Ceylon pattern, but this time round it felt slightly less exciting.

I do like the end result though! And I got a few compliments at work today, as I finally finished the darned thing last night! Hurrah!

I made my own piping with sating fabric but was dismayed when I discovered a very pretty satin bias tape stocked in my own damn store. Ah well! I guess it's noticeable enough, though I was hoping for really shiny piping.

Buttons are always a doozy, especially when there's 16 all the way down the front! It doesn't sound like that many really until you see the dress itself. My mum watched me chalk out all the markings and just shook her head. She believes I am a pillar of patience... uh, for sewing anyway!

So yes! My black Ceylon, made with cotton drill :)

I have purchased some new fabrics online, as well as from Spotlight, so I shall post about them gradually. I've added about 50 things to my project schedule which I endeavor to have finished by the end of the year. Seeing as new things get added every week this probably won't happen.

And in other news! My Betty Boop bobble-head haha