Friday, February 24, 2012

The Girliest Things I've Ever Made

So here is a top and a skirt I pretty much just finished. If you took a picture back in time maybe three years and said to me "you're going to be wearing this willingly, and you made it yourself" I would laugh in your face and tell you you're tripping.

The skirt was a 1 meter piece I bought from my place of work, which I cut in half and then added the waistband. I pleated the whole darn thing across the top instead of gathering, which makes it sit so much more pleasantly.

The top is of course, my fourth Sorbetto. I messed up something with the pleat (it's smaller than it should be) but eh, I added lace on the edges to make it look a bit more normal and to make the darn thing lie flat; this cotton sateen did not want to stay down!

Pearls? Lace? Pink? Yep, I've officially gone cuckoo.

I had to do SOMETHING to make me feel less girly
Taking photos outside was not fun today, it feels like I'm in the center of a bushfire. Australian summer rages like a lady on menopause.

My shoes... I went through a lot of trouble for these shoes! And my usual size was too big so I opted for the smaller size, which is a little too small. Que cera!! But yay, yellow shoesies <3

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ah, what an amazing feeling that was when I cut off the last loose thread. I have been wanting to make a playsuit for years. A little while ago there was a store here in Melbourne (I will not name it) that made and sold playsuits for over $200. Every time I walked in there I would nitpick the garments and say to myself "I could make this... and I could do a better job too!" as I pulled at loose threads, parts where the lining was coming loose and poking my fingers through holes in the stitching. In other words, totally not worth $200. But enough of that!

So here is my first play suit! I have made shorts, and I have made tops, but now here it is, in all its hot pink glory.

This was actually made just to test the pattern. Though it is a bit tight I think it would look strange if it was any looser. It does give me an interesting butt experience though.

How unflattering!
And the puppet's name is Louie! I purchased him from the Queen Victoria Night Market for a grand total of $35. You can find him at

The pattern is McCall's 6331. It's actually supposed to be for teenagers, but seeing as I don't have that big of a buttocks (which is the main complaint from pattern reviewers) I made up the pattern exactly. I do think though that I will cut it about a centimeter more on either side to allow for my mahoosive hips next time I use this pattern.

Why do my legs look char grilled?
I made my version fully lined, as you could see my undies through the cotton of the shorts. Not a good look. But all in all I think I did a pretty good job! Yay!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black Ceylon

The moment I found out I would soon become a Spotlight employee I hurriedly purchased the fabric to make a black Ceylon. That was maybe 6 weeks ago.

When it comes to black, nothing thrills me less, really. I'm usually so enrapt in my project because of quirky fabrics or a super cute exciting design. I do love the Ceylon pattern, but this time round it felt slightly less exciting.

I do like the end result though! And I got a few compliments at work today, as I finally finished the darned thing last night! Hurrah!

I made my own piping with sating fabric but was dismayed when I discovered a very pretty satin bias tape stocked in my own damn store. Ah well! I guess it's noticeable enough, though I was hoping for really shiny piping.

Buttons are always a doozy, especially when there's 16 all the way down the front! It doesn't sound like that many really until you see the dress itself. My mum watched me chalk out all the markings and just shook her head. She believes I am a pillar of patience... uh, for sewing anyway!

So yes! My black Ceylon, made with cotton drill :)

I have purchased some new fabrics online, as well as from Spotlight, so I shall post about them gradually. I've added about 50 things to my project schedule which I endeavor to have finished by the end of the year. Seeing as new things get added every week this probably won't happen.

And in other news! My Betty Boop bobble-head haha

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lavender Blue, Dilly Dilly, Lavender Green

...was a song my Nanna used to sing to me all the time hehe.

I finished this dress the other day! But I only finished the jacket night before last, and Sunday is my usual day to wear the things I've whipped up during the week.

It is Butterick 4792, an out of print pattern from the 'Retro' line. It comes with dress, belt, and unlined jacket, and also a petticoat which I didn't bother to make.

This dress is HEAVY! There's roughly 9 meters altogether in this dress - definitely the most fabric heavy dress I've ever made. This is because I only used 'top pop' poplin, and it's kind of see-through unless I line the whole thing in the same fabric. Not sure this dress would take THAT much fabric if a heavier weight is used.

I deviated a lot from the pattern instructions as I couldn't figure out what the heck to do with the neckband; every time I tried it on it was choking me. So I made it a little bit more 'my way', which probably alters the overall look of the dress in the end.

After I finished making it I said to myself that I wouldn't make another, even though I bought enough yellow poplin to make one the same with a jacket and belt made from fabric my childhood curtains were made from, but after wearing it and feeling so darn feminine, I think I'll have to.

Can you tell I like my swishy mahoosive skirt?!

This is probably the most elegant dress I've made. I made it originally to match the pair of shoes I'm wearing - I don't really have anything else to wear with lilac and green shoes. The first dress I made was to match these shoes too, but I didn't use a pattern for that dress and it is horrifically dodgy.

My sad Ceylon pile is still exactly where I had it. I will finish it this week, along with twin dresses for myself and Catherine. I am also working on a playsuit. You shall see all these things once I have finished! Hehe x

Friday, February 3, 2012

Exciting Times

I finished all the baking for yesterday night, which was enjoyed by maybe 30 people. They were all in love. People have been suggesting to me that I should look at opening a bakery/cafe of some description, and I'm starting to agree. I even have someone who wants to go into business with me <3 naww.

So anyway, here's what I made for the occasion yesterday; Oreo cookie pops and my favoured chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes. They were the best batch I have made. I was even impressed with myself when I had a nibble.

I also bought a pretty neat container to take them places in :)