Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Like Aeroplane Jelly

This statement is true. Although I prefer it when it's mixed with 1/3 vodka.

Hurrah! I love making up new patterns, although this one's been out for a couple of months, still relatively new in the Vintage Vogue line. Vogue 8789 is a gem, by far the easiest Vogue pattern I've ever dealt with. But I did make a few modifications.

I was excited to make the v-neck (which is incredibly simple with this pattern) and anticipated a giant circle skirt from this delightful fabric, however when I was cutting out the pieces I realised to my dismay that the skirt was yet another gathered rectangle! This simply will not do!

So I have added my own circle skirt, put the zipper in the back rather than in the side, and I pretty much didn't follow the instructions half the time.

I did my zip a bit differently and it looks a lot nicer than the ones I usually do. With enough practice I'm sure I'll perfect it eventually.

The fabric was hidden away on Spotlight's clearance table at $4 a meter. Having never seen it before I'm assuming it was something randomly found in a big clear out of the dispatch area or something. I grabbed 4 meters and was surprised to see the next day the whole roll was gone. It really was too cute to pass up and I'm so glad I got it when I did!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meowy Christmas

So y'all probably thought I was killed in a horrific mutant penguin massacre led by Queen Crump of Crumpets or something something, but in fact, I am alive and thriving! I can't even really say I've been busy. Most of my life was taken up by that Christmas thing, making gifts for family members etc, but now I can show you the dress I made for this year's festivities!

It is no secret I love cats, and figured I might as well hug destiny around the waist and embrace grey hair and more felines than I can feed on a pension, and this fabric was my ticket to floral easy chairs and episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful. And Golden Girls. Ah...

What is this nonsensical mumbo jumbo I am speaking?! I have no idea. Comes with the old age I guess.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Smooth as Silk

Yeah, silk ain't that smooth. Dunno why people always say as such. It's also rather annoying to sew with! Ah well! Welcoming back Butterick 5708, but this time for myself. It was previously made up for Nitty in Delustered Satin.

Nitty's fantastic photo skills made this wreath look like one epic hairdo
I went to a masquerade gala ball thing, and seeing as my glasses are about as big as my head, figured it'd be better to paint something onto my face than bother to construct something. I was commended by an Italian lady there who told me (in Italian, requiring translation) that that's what all the young people have started doing in Venice, hehe.

So yes, Silk Dupion in a fresh lime and blue transitional colour shift. The fabric cost me around $100 alone. I semi-successfully put in an invisible zip, but honestly I was over making it by this point. It had been sitting on my mannequin waiting to be finished for about three weeks, not to mention having been cut out and ready to go for about two months prior.

I'm quite happy with it. When asked why I would bother making a dress such as this I told them to expect to see it on the red carpet at the Oscars one day, to which they gave me an applause. Thank you, thank you. You are all too kind.

Also on Burda Style I referred to something when I titled this 'Mean Green Dress from Outer Space'. For all of you who did not receive my +5 cool points in my book of cool...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ruby Red Dress

Ah, now there is a story behind this dress. Not a very long one, but a story all the same.
I actually made this dress for someone, as well as the belt, and at the last minute just thought 'screw it!' and kept it for myself. I am a horrible person.

But in fact I am rather elated with this decision. I didn't really have an all red dress and have decided I am no longer fearful of the colour. Red and I have had an odd relationship over the years.

I used my basic bodice and skirt blocks, but only made the skirt a half circle. I think it works quite nicely ;)

I also made the headscarf thingy and the belt!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spotty Grey Skirt

Hurrah! Something for myself! Finally! It really has been too long (dinosaur dress was totally the last thing I made for me).

About two months ago a lady came in to work and asked me about rock n roll skirts, figuring that judging by my appearance I would have expertise in this area. Lol.

She needed monotone fabric, preferably something that'd slot in nicely with the other ladies' outfits in her dance class, so I suggested spots as opposed to the various bolts of fabric she had in her hands. I pulled out some grey taffeta with black spots from the clearance table, and she fell in love. I cut her 3 meters and fantasized about making myself a skirt from the same fabric, but to my dismay when I rolled out what was left, there was just over 1 meter left. Poo.

Following this, my manager had put out some new taffeta, and lo and behold there was a grey with black spots! But instead of screened on, the spots were fuzzy! It was only $5.99 per meter more expensive than the other one, but seeing as I'd need a bit of it decided to pounce as soon as it went on special.

Weeks and weeks went by and no sign of a sale on the taffeta, but thankfully we had a big 30% off all fabric sale and I snatched it up.

When I got home and gleefully showed my mother my new purchases, she was less than impressed, pointing at the giant mountains of fabric in the back room, taking up the entire dining table, chairs, and spilling out of boxes galore. I looked at my payslip and realised since July I'd made roughly $6.5k from working weekends, and I honestly have not much idea where that has all gone. I'm assuming to my monstrous credit card and of course my fabric crack habit. I've promised myself to not buy any more fabric until I have used up the majority of fabrics I already have. This will be interesting...

Anyway, here's my skirt!

Sans petticoat

Oh, Natalie, always the performer

Can you see the fuzzy?!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dino Dress

Okay before you read the rest of this, press play on this:

And here is the finished dinosaur dress. I posted a picture of the work in progress last week on Facebook and it was rather well received.

Very simple dress, indeed. I used the bodice of Simplicity 4070, but made a few more changes.

Remember my candy hearts dress? I used the same bodice pattern but didn't do a cut out.

The first change I made was to make the back and neckline quite low. Then instead of an A-line skirt I cut out a 3/4 skirt for extra twirling goodness.

And that's kind of all I have to say about it. I made the bias tape myself (as for some reason it's hard to find orange bias tape...?) and I have on hold enough of this fabric in the blue colour-way to make a doona cover for my bed. Where I come from, we call it a 'doona' but you may know it as a 'duvet' or quilt!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Oh, how happy I was to finally finish this dress. This has been WEEKS in the making and has gotten me down many times but here it is!

Vogue 2902, oh how I have hated on you. You turn out good, man, but still. You're a mongrel to put together. If I ever make this pattern again I will completely ditch the handsewing and just zoom it up on the machine.

I mean would it be completely obvious if I had machine stitched along the bottom of the band?

Shoesies! It's rare to not see me donning a pair of Melissa shoes.

They see me twirlin', they hatin'

So there you have it. Epic amounts of frustration makes it all somewhat worthwhile as I thoroughly enjoy this dress. I think I'll wear it to my uni's Planetarium film screening excursion.

Also (almost) all my new patterns have arrived in the mail! Mwahaha!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The 'Walk Away' Dress

Ahh, ze 'Walk Away' Dress. Considered to be a phenomenally easy pattern that you can start at breakfast and walk away in by lunch hour. Mine took a little longer. More like from breakfast to dinner... the next day.

It is... a very... interesting dress. I can gladly say this cost me under $20 to make. I made the bias myself to match my shoe colour as closely as possible.


It's not the kind of dress you'd want to wear on a windy day. Make sure you have your best panties on before leaving the house!

So yes, the pattern is Butterick 4790. I had been seeing this pattern for ages but it never took my fancy, until I saw this version. I'm still not completely sold but hey, I ain't complaining.

Y'all like my new pin up coat and bag? And how awesome are my shades?! I need to get them fitted with prescription lenses so I can actually, ya know, see out of them.


Mr Wind! Please!

Along with self made bias I also made self covered buttons. This is not how the pattern calls for the dress to be closed, but for some reason I couldn't get the wrap piece to meet in a pink fit. Oh ho ho, Natalie, nice pun.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vogue vs Suicide

Old school readers of my blog might remember "THE FRUSTRATION DRESS"

Vogue Patterns delivers me a new head churner, which has lead to all up about half an hour of tears.

In my last post I added a picture of one of my WIPs, a Vintage Vogue 2902, in an amazing planet print. I've been working on this for days now, to get virtually nowhere. Though this dress LOOKS like it should be fairly straight forward, the shoulder straps/bodice band WILL give you the time of your life, and not the Jennifer Grey leaping into the arms of Patrick Swayze kind, either.

Oh Vogue, why must your patterns be so awful to me? I adore the outcome but GOLLY GEE WIZZ PEOPLE.

First, I attempted the straps from black velveteen. This was going to look gorgeous against the planetary print, but when sewing I noticed that the parts that I'd ironed had SHRUNK! This has never happened to me with velveteen before, and I was quite distressed. I opted for good ol' cotton drill.

Second time around I realised that one of the straps had been cut short because there was not enough fabric in my hurried folding of a piece of scrap. Again, pretty devastated.

Round 3, and it was looking like a complete mess. I accidentally sewed the pieces wrong and the back band was upside down. I unpicked all my hand stitching and did it again. Then the band was going to be too small for the bodice. I kind of made do. And the bodice is kind of  too small for me and when I tried it on I got stuck. Like, actually legitimately stuck.

I shall keep going. It's very tempting to ignore the way the pattern tells you to do the zipper, open the bodice up completely and do a normal side zip. Le sigh.

So I'm pretty discouraged by all this, I mean, it got me listening to Nick Cave's most melancholy hits.

In other news! I'm very sorry I haven't been posting very much lately (I lost one follower! :( Boo!!) I shall hopefully have more to post soon.

Also how d'ya like my new logo!? It's part of a piece of homework, which I'll be able to upload once it's finished/due (week and a half, yikes!!)

Friday, August 3, 2012

For My Princess

Hurrah! Nitty is currently back to being 17 years old, attending the formal of one of her young friends. And she looks stunning, if I do say so myself. Seeing as I pretty much made her dress... hehe!

On Monday afternoon, my phone rang, and I answered to a very hysterical Nitty sobbing "we have an emergency!". My first thought was guess we're going to the doctors again, until she interrupted my thoughts with "the formal is this Friday!" Oh crap.

She had spent the last week and a bit trying to figure out what she was to wear on the night, a night she for some reason thought was a lot later on in the month. With three solid days to go, we had no real choice but to make a dress.

She had wanted black Delustered Satin, but my work was out of it. I suggested the dark blue, and won her over with 'it'll look like the night sky!' And so it was done. And four bags of Swarovski crystals purchased from another one of our favourite sewing supply stores.

Thankfully she had picked a pattern (Butterick 5708) that I already had as a print at home version, and had also purchased a proper copy (as it's absolutely gorgeous). I cut out her tiny size and got to work. I usually sew late into the night, but not usually under pressure. I snapped a few times and there were tears, cigarettes, vodka, growling, cursing, and chair throwing... yeah I'm not the most constructive individual when I'm stressed. By the second 2am morning I was so over it I laid in bed and stared at the glow stars on my ceiling for an hour or so.

In the end it was all definitely worth it. It was a joint effort; I cut out the most of it, sewed the bodice as it was a bit too tricky for Nitty, and hand stitched the blind hem and lining to the zipper. Nitty's favourite part was the crystals, of course. And making her matching bow.

The time pressure would not have been so bad if Nitty hadn't have wanted to test the pattern before cutting into the satin. I made her up a toille out of a cute pastel fabric from my never ending stash.

Ze unfinished toille
I dyed and curled her hair while she did her makeup. I also fended all four barking dogs off her young date. She had to go before I could iron the hem... which annoyed me greatly. She wasn't too fussed but oh! Looking at it was torturous when you know what it could look like.

Doesn't she look superb! Belle of deh berl.
I hope she's having fun making all the little seventeen year old girls all jelly beans!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tonight She Comes

For years I have watched this music video. I love The Cars, they're definitely in my top 25 bands/musicians. This is also one of my all time favourite songs, with my all time favourite guitar solo, and some really smokin' dresses!

I bought 3 meters of this white with black spot stretch cotton with the intentions to make a dress that pays homage to one of the greatest music videos my eyeballs have seen. Perhaps I'm just biased.

Love love love love.

So with the help of Butterick 4512, I have made a version that's perhaps a little more 'me'.

My grandma's vintage driving gloves!

Do y'all like my Tarina Tarantino earrings?! I paid $140 for them and I HAVE NO REGRETS. I wanted a pair since I was 16 so I bought them from their store in LA :3

Tomorrow I shall be posting about the dress Natalie and I are making for a formal she's been invited to! Keep your eyeballs peeled like an orange ;D