Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Junk Food Ceylon

The moment I saw one of these dresses I knew I had to have this pattern. So I bought it. All $30 worth.

Colette Patterns are so easy to follow, with fabulous instructions and diagrams. Best of all, their designs are made for hour-glass figures! (Well, not so good if you don't have an hour-glass figure, I figure...)

I had this Alexander Henry print lying around, just waiting for the right thing to make it into. I decided on the Ceylon dress, but it was very far down my list, until I received an email from the group I model for telling me I have a shoot that coming Saturday. I agreed to it, but then remembered my agonising, horrific (by my standards) sunburn that was eating away my swollen flesh. I didn't have anything to cover it up. Or would I?!

In two days (TWO DAYS!) I was able to whip the Ceylon dress up as I realised that the collar and sleeves would perfectly hide my not-so-perfect skin. With mother's help sewing on the buttons, I had time to make a matching pink bow in the same poplin I used to make the fabric-covered buttons. Hurrah!