Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Dress!

I used McCall's 6350, but when I was looking for the pattern all I could find was a size 14 and up. Altering the bust was absolutely crazy, but after much tampering finally got it to look alright without having mahoosive pointy nipple-like things.

I made View D. The skirt is full of swishy swishy love with a red petticoat underneath.

To match my dress I also made a lined basket filled with gingerbread men which I also iced and handed out this morning to everyone in my church congregation. Great fun!

Stay tuned for my next post on WILD WEATHER!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Le Colette Sorbetto

Here is my second take on the Sorbertto top, I'd show you my first attempt but I'm making the Madeleine bloomers to match, only THEN shall you see my creation, mwahahahaha!

This was made from a repurposed skirt that I bought in London for £1. The skirt never fit me, but the fabric sure took my fancy.

I added the trim by gathering the hem of the skirt around the neckline, and made a pretty little bow, and matching scrunchie! Hurrah!

See that scrunchie?! Oh yes

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Black Blimp Dress

Looking at some of the photos I took for this post brought me to this reaction: I looked like THAT last night?! What a blimp!

The black blackiness of the dress is a little too much I think, but I needed a plain black dress as I lacked one.

I enjoy my legs
It's another Vogue 8723, and was very frustrating second time around too, but not as much as the first. I used black poplin for both the shell and the lining.

 Okay, maybe I did have more fun making this one than the other one. Black is, however, a lot harder to sew with in lower light conditions, and seeing as my sewing machine lacks a light (because the bulb literally blew up very near my face maybe two years ago and I have not been able to get the shrapnel out to replace it) boy was this a doozy. But It was all okay. Perhaps I'll make another one. Maybe. Or is three of one dress to much?!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Junk Food Ceylon

The moment I saw one of these dresses I knew I had to have this pattern. So I bought it. All $30 worth.

Colette Patterns are so easy to follow, with fabulous instructions and diagrams. Best of all, their designs are made for hour-glass figures! (Well, not so good if you don't have an hour-glass figure, I figure...)

I had this Alexander Henry print lying around, just waiting for the right thing to make it into. I decided on the Ceylon dress, but it was very far down my list, until I received an email from the group I model for telling me I have a shoot that coming Saturday. I agreed to it, but then remembered my agonising, horrific (by my standards) sunburn that was eating away my swollen flesh. I didn't have anything to cover it up. Or would I?!

In two days (TWO DAYS!) I was able to whip the Ceylon dress up as I realised that the collar and sleeves would perfectly hide my not-so-perfect skin. With mother's help sewing on the buttons, I had time to make a matching pink bow in the same poplin I used to make the fabric-covered buttons. Hurrah!